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1 in 5 people (1 in 4 women; 1 in 6 men) have experienced childhood sexual abuse, yet this issue is still encased in silence.

As a result, most people don’t realize that CSA survivors still need, deserve and have rights to receive specialized services designed to help them heal. Too many survivors and loved ones wrongly think they are all alone.

Our WINGS Race for Healing raises much needed awareness and funds to help us reach ALL survivors and loved ones who need us.

2017’s Race for Healing was held on Saturday, September 9th, and was our biggest year yet!

We had over 120 people participating! Individuals, couples and families came together for a strong show of solidarity and support at the Aurora Reservoir. It could not have been a more beautiful or resilient gathering!

We want to thank everyone who participated, fundraised, brought a loved one, and helped us share our message. We also want to thank ALL of our volunteers, as well as our sponsors who made the event possible, and who also shared great information about their services with our WINGS community. 

Thanks to Kathy Wells Photography and Dave Johnson you can view and download photos from our 2017 WINGS Race for Healing



 At WINGS, we race for hope, healing, voice and empowerment – and the 60 million people nationwide who need our services. #WhatDoYouRaceFor?
To learn more about CSA-SAM and different ways to be involved check out our CSA-SAM event page.  
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