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Find the Right Therapist

dove Finding the Right Therapist is critical to healing and thriving beyond trauma experienced in childhood. However, this process can often be stressful and difficult to find a good match. We are here to help you in your search…

Join a Support Group

doveMaking that first call to join a group is often scary and nerve-wracking, but it begins a powerful, transformational journey as you heal alongside other survivors. Learn more about our support groups here…

Educate Yourself

dove You may be starting to experience memories of past abuse, or have suffered with the memories of a traumatic past your entire life. Wherever you are, it is always helpful to understand how trauma is affecting your adult life today.

Clinicians & Providers

Become a WINGS Facilitator


Discover how becoming a WINGS facilitator will enhance your clinical career and deepen your knowledge of trauma-informed therapy. Become a part of a survivor’s healing process and witness the amazing strength and resiliency of the human spirit.

Upcoming Clinical Trainings


Want to become a trauma-informed clinician or provider? WINGS hosts Clinical Trainings throughout the year, and offers student discount prices. WINGS Facilitators can register for all trainings at NO COST.

What is trauma-informed therapy?


Learn more about trauma-informed therapy and how to help better support your clients who may be suffering from trauma-related issues.

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Speak Out!

1:00 pm — 3:00 pm
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  • Survivor, WINGS Group member

    My WINGS group became the safest place I have ever known.

    "It took SO much to make that first phone call and to attend that first support group but over time, my WINGS group became the safest place I have ever known."
  • Kathleen, former WINGS Facilitator

    In Their Words.

    "As facilitators, we hold that (group) space, but we aren't the ones able to offer the insight. (I see) members know the perfect things to say to other members who have struggles. You can see in someone's face when something is said that really speaks to them. I see those moments in every group meeting, and it is really amazing to witness."
  • Survivor, WINGS Group member

    In Their Words.

    "I have gone from feeling alone, afraid, and powerless to feeling supported, self-assured, and personally empowered."
  • Brenda B., MA, NCC

    The Speak Out program

    "Is dear to my heart, as I remember my first public speaking opportunities with the WINGS Foundation as a huge factor for making my way toward the thriving phase of life."