With the staggering number of people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, or CSA, (1 in 5 people), it is crucial to learn about how to treat and conceptualize complex trauma as a clinician. Without proper education and training, clinicians run the risk of providing ineffective, or even re-traumatizing, treatment without knowing it. By becoming a WINGS trauma-informed support group facilitator, clinicians gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience working with adult survivors of CSA in a support group modality, allowing them to become more effective therapists, as well as better advocates for survivors in the community.

Benefits include:

  • Greatly expanding knowledge and awareness of the complexities of childhood sexual abuse trauma,  and how it impacts adult survivors and their loved ones
  • Learning about Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and trauma treatment modalities
  • Improving group facilitation skills
  • Being guided by experienced former-WINGS facilitators and trauma clinicians in monthly consultation
  •  4 WINGS trauma-informed trainings throughout the year focused on CSA trauma and group facilitation skills
  • Discounts on additional clinical trainings (SafeTalk)
  • Participation in events (Race for Healing) and advocacy activities for Adult Survivors of CSA
  • Being part of a statewide, and national, movement to help raise awareness about CSA and adult survivors
  • Networking and learning from other clinicians engaged in trauma-informed work
  • $40/group session stipend (not available for interns or practicum students)

Facilitators play a critical role in the healing process of survivors and become first-hand witnesses to the amazing strength and resiliency of the human spirit. Are you ready for the challenge?btn_becomeaFacilitator