If you’ve found your way to this site, chances are you may be wondering if the issue of childhood sexual abuse may be impacting your life. You might be:

  • a survivor (or wonder if you are a survivor),
  • the loved one of a survivor,
  • or perhaps you want to learn more about this issue because of the professional work you do, or
  • to become a more educated and empowered community ally.

Perhaps many or all of these categories describe where you are right now, and that’s ok. These are all valid reasons to be here; and the choice you made to learn more is a bold one. We’re glad you made it.

The truth is – no matter how you fit into this issue, you are not alone.

Childhood sexual abuse affects all of us, who live in this society together. And it will take all of us – learning and growing together – to heal the wounds and break the cycle of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

That’s why WINGS exists.

Let’s be honest. Talking about CSA and, if needed, dealing with it in your own life at any level – is very hard. But the consequences of not doing so create challenges in all of our lives that are even harder.

And actually, when we each get out of our comfort zone and have the courage to explore this issue, there is tremendous strength and growth to be had – on a personal level and on a community level, as well.

That’s the very good news. Healing is possible. And it is good for all of us.

So WINGS works to empower all of us – survivors, loved ones, providers and communities – to have the resources we need to speak about, heal from and thrive beyond childhood sexual abuse trauma.

Specifically, we work to empower adults who have experienced this abuse in childhood, and those who support them. When we effectively do so, survivors’ lives – and all of our lives – are healthier, happier and stronger.

That’s our ultimate goal.

We hope this website will offer some important first steps for you to take, to gain access to the resources you need to speak, heal and thrive – as a survivor, as a loved one, as a professional, and/or as a community ally.

Please reach out to let us know how we can assist you in taking that next step… and that next step… to move forward in your journey of learning, growing and thriving.

We believe: Together, we are healthier. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are building a movement that can, is and will – change the world.


WINGS Staff and Board of Directors