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Together, we can work toward a day when all survivors and loved ones will have access to the resources they need to speak, heal and thrive beyond trauma from childhood sexual abuse. Your support makes this vision possible by offering the support groups, referral sources, and additional resources survivors and loved ones need. Your support directly changes lives, and builds stronger, healthier individuals, families, and communities everywhere!

There are many ways you can support WINGS in supporting adult survivors and loved ones. Here are a few examples:









“It makes my heart so happy to give this gift of healing to others. It feels like I’m giving a present to myself.”
– WINGS Donor

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Karen Jefferson:

“Stepping it up” might be an understatement…or maybe I should say getting down and dirty…slogging through an uphill battle…no matter how it is said…it’s about to get tough!”

Read about Karen’s journey to support survivors through fire, mud, grit and personal growth.

Cara Neri:

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, things have been difficult. I’ve found that taking small steps helps, being okay when I don’t do as much as I would like, (but) I’m feeling better and ready to take on more challenges this year.”

Read more about Cara’s journey to visit every park in Denver with her kids, in support of 30,000 survivors in the US taking small steps every day toward healing.

Cathryn Vega:

“I’m about to admit something to the world that does not come easily. I hate plants. They gross me out. Weeds especially. Ew.”

Read about Cathryn’s journey of digging in the dirt to create a beautiful garden in support of 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men who experience childhood sexual abuse.

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