One Voice Project 

The One Voice Project is a collaboration between a wide array of stakeholders, including survivors, loved ones, and providers from the sexual assault, domestic violence, healthcare, mental health and victims’ services fields in Colorado.

The project aims to measure access to care issues and opportunities for Adult Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest, in order to strengthen the overall systems-wide response provided to them.

The name One Voice Project is to honor the power of each individual voice and experience of an adult survivor. The name also honors the power of our collective voices and experiences of survivors, loved ones and professionals who serve this population – which are stronger together than any one person or organization could provide on our own.

UPDATE on PHASE 1 ~ Survivor Voices

The CU School of Public Health, WINGS, and our many stakeholders would like to thank EACH and EVERY survivor of childhood sexual abuse who participated in the first phase of the One Voice Project. The research team, specifically, was inspired by your openness, honesty, courage and resilience. Your insight has a lot to teach us.

Originally, we anticipated sharing results from this Phase via our website this summer. We sincerely apologize that we are behind schedule with that outcome. However, we realized that we needed to move forward with Phase 2 of the assessment – learning more about the ways that Providers are currently supporting survivors, before we could really share insight from Phase 1.

We ARE planning to share highlights from Phase 1 this September, in conjunction with Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Awareness Month! We’d like to invite ALL survivors who participated in the One Voice Project, or any of you who are interested in this endeavor, to join us for a special community dinner – An Evening with Marilyn Van Derbur Atler ~ on Friday, Sept. 8th. We will share highlights from Phase 1 at that time, and would love for you to join us.

Please also note that WINGS will be hosting our 3rd annual Race for Healing, to raise awareness about the needs to support survivors on Saturday, Sept. 9th. There are many ways to be involved in that event, too! *Scholarships are available for survivors for both events!

To summarize, we THANK YOU again for your incredible participation; we honor your courage and choice to share your experiences to help improve services for other survivors, and we are proud to stand beside you, as you walk forward on your healing journey.

And we look forward to sharing, learning and growing together – as these efforts proceed.