Are You the Loved One of a Survivor?

There is one group of people that are consistently overlooked in the midst of assisting survivors. They are the loved ones of survivors. Loved ones are individuals involved in relationships with survivors such as partners, spouses, siblings, parents, adult children, and close friends. If you consider the statistics of males and females that are survivors, there are even more loved ones of survivors everywhere. The fact that individuals are involved in relationships with survivors means that they are also living with the long-term effects of sexual abuse.

Being a loved one of a survivor can be very frustrating, lonely, and isolating. You may not know who to talk to and trust. Knowing how to support the loved one in your life who is a survivor is important. Getting support for you while living or working closely with a survivor is equally important. WINGS is there to lend that support.

WINGS offers an ongoing, weekly Loved Ones Support Group that are two hours long. The group is co-facilitated by volunteer master’s level therapists. Some of the topics discussed in group are survivor stages of healing, communication, intimacy, how to assist and understand the survivor, how to take care of yourself, and available resources to assist in your healing journey with a survivor. Contact WINGS for more information about how to join the Loved Ones Support Group.