How Can WINGS Help?

Trauma recovery is best looked at as a process that is worked on over time and in stages.

At WINGS, we acknowledge that there is no “one size fits all” path toward healing; yet, we are here to offer resources that can help you build a team of support around you, as you move through each of those stages – at your own pace and in ways that are empowering for you.

We believe – every survivor deserves a chance to heal.

Here’s how you can get started:

Step #1 – Contact WINGS for a Consultation for Services

If you are just beginning to look at experiences in your life that may have included sexual abuse in childhood, a lot of emotions may be coming up for you. You may feel scared, confused or even overwhelmed. These emotions are normal. It is important to get connected with professionals who are trained in the topic of trauma recovery, specifically for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

By contacting us at WINGS to set up a consultation for services, we can discuss together what services may be helpful for you, based on where you are at in your recovery process. Many survivors find that starting with an individual therapist or getting connected to community resources, is a powerful first step. We offer information that can help you make an informed choice about selecting counseling support through our list of provider questions.

Step #2 – Exploring Readiness for a WINGS Support Group

If you feel like you are the only person who has ever experienced sexual abuse in childhood, you are not alone. Most survivors feel this way. Many are shocked to realize just how many people childhood sexual abuse affects – 1 in 5.

Many survivors find it very helpful to connect with other survivors – to share knowledge, build understanding and find mutual support in talking about the ways that this trauma is impacting their lives today, so they can make better and healthier choices for their futures.

WINGS offers support groups to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are over the age of 18, and who have done ample recovery work for their early stages of healing.* These groups meet weekly for 2 hours in confidential locations. We offer groups for women, men, LGBTQ individuals, and the loved ones of survivors.

 *To learn more about WINGS Support groups, click here.