Child sexual abuse remains one of the least discussed and most pressing public health issues in every community – for children and adults.

WINGS postulates a significant and detrimental gap in services for adult survivors of this crime in our home state of Colorado and nationwide.

Learn more about this pressing public health issue in WINGS’ White Paper, “Supporting the 9 in 10 Who Did Not Report in Childhood.”

White paper cover

For a list of key terms in the white paper, click here.

WINGS held a special Congressional Briefing and leadership conversation on July 14th, 2016, in coordination with the Congressional Victims Rights Caucus, aimed at strengthening the response to Adult Survivors of child sexual abuse and incest.

In December of last year, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and the Office of Community Engagement hosted a similar briefing and leadership conversation for leaders in Colorado to learn more about the One Voice Project community needs assessment. The project was launched at that time and Phase 1 was just completed. Stay tuned for forthcoming phases and results.

Learn more about this pressing issue below, by listening to the story of one brave survivor.

Mary Katherine’s wish is the same as ours: that EVERY SURVIVOR has access to the resources they need to speak, heal and thrive.

To reach #EverySurvivor, we need your help!

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