Essex Financial Group is proud to sponsor a WINGS Support Group. As we learned more about WINGS’ mission and the many adults in need of this specific service, including our own employees, we felt compelled to be part of creating a culture that stands with survivors, and supports their healing and empowerment. We encourage other businesses and organizations to do the same.”

– Lisa Hites, Charity Committee Chair

workplacewellnesscap Chances are, a significant portion of your employees may have unsolved CSA trauma, while also having no idea that resources exist to help them move through and thrive beyond that trauma. They may never feel comfortable talking to you about this on their own. Unresolved CSA trauma in adults can severely impact their overall health and wellbeing. This directly impacts the work productivity and wellness of your employees. Symptoms of unresolved trauma can be found here. Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness

  1. Promote WINGS as a community resource through your workplace, and be a bridge to your employees’ healing. Together, we can empower healthier people, families, workplaces and communities.
  2. Invite WINGS to present a training to your Human Resources or Employee Assistance departments.
  3. Sponsor a WINGS Support Group, community presentation, clinical training or our Soaring to New Heights Conference!

There are many ways to engage your business as a partner in WINGS’ mission, while helping us reach shared audiences, including your employees. Contact Jenny at today to begin engaging your company! WORKPLACEGIVINGCAPS

  1. Give a Matching Gift. Many places of employment offer matching gift opportunities for causes that their employees care about. Consider talking to your employer about supporting the WINGS Foundation through a corporate or matching gift.
  2. Sponsor a WINGS Support Group, community presentation, clinical training or our Soaring to New Heights Conference!  WINGS loves to creatively co-promote our partners to improve our collaborative impact.
  3. Join Our WINGS Challenge by identifying and overcoming a personal or company- wide challenge on behalf of survivors everywhere.

If any of these opportunities are of interest to your business, or if you would like to brainstorm ways to make a shared value impact with WINGS today, please contact Jenny at